1. Sexy stuff from my inbox

    Many people write to me anonymously. Here is all the dirty talk I liked the most.
    If you want to make me hard, write me something hot!

    Can I slowly kiss your neck. work my way down your chest and slowly make it to your stomach. i want yo kiss around your hips and get down to your penis and gently kiss around it until you were begging me to stick it in my mouth. then i’d take my warm wet tongue and lick up and down your penis until you were just about teased out and then i’d put it in my mouth and suck on it. i’d use my tongue on it and work on you and play with you until you came in my mouth and i’d swallow it all down

    Gosh, daddy. My cunt is so wet. I’m so ready for your cock, I’m hot and pulsing for you. I’ve been laying here rubbing myself for a while, daddy. I’m so desperate to be filled up by your big cock.

    please finger me! I want you right now very hard and deep in me. you can fuck all day and all night long. you have to make me wet, very wet!!! please fuck me hard. and harder from behind!! i wanna feel you.

    I kneel before you and give you the Blowjob of your life. After you’ve come in my mouth, I will sit on you and slide up and down. I bite you softly in the neck and lick over your lips. Then I said to you “Give it to me hard! I’m so wet and tight.” I groan deep in your ear.

    I want to fuck you. I want to ride that big hard dick and feel you throb inside me while I arch my back and scream your name. I want you to smack my ass and tell me I’m a naughty girl and then go balls deep inside my tight, wet pussy

    im tight. I want you in me!;) im dripping wet. make me cum more

    I’ve only been on your blog for about an hour and my pussy has never came so hard on my toys. All of them drenching in my pussy juice and i licked it up and got horny from my juices. I taste so good. I fucked my pussy thinking about you. Want you so bad!

    I want you to fuck me and cum inside my little pussy. I’m so tight and wet touching myself to your blog

    tie me down and suck my clit till I come and then fuck me senseless to where I can’t walk the next day

    I’ll let you fuck me while your girl watches and touches herself to it. I’ll be your doll and let you do whatever you want to me, make me do whatever you want to you. I’ll suck your dick, ride it, take it however you want. then you can cum on my breast and your girl can lick it clean and I’ll eat her out while you watch and touch yourself.

    My boyfriend tends to catch me looking at your blog before he comes over. it gets me so hot and ready for him. just looking through your posts now are making me throb and i haven’t even done anything to myself yet.

    i’ve only just started following you but i’m already teasing my clit, slowly sliding two fingers around my pussy. i can feel myself throbbing too, if i don’t cum soon then i’m gonna go crazy with want. if i was near you, i’d make you watch me finger myself, make sure your eyes are on me as i moan your name and fuck myself on my fingers. my fingers would be covered in my juices and i’d lick them off, making eye contact with you as i do.

    Looking at your blog makes me so horny. I just want to sit on your face with your mouth on my clit till I cum, and then I want to fuck you hard all night long. Your girlfriend is more than welcome to join; I’d love to eat her out while you watch as you masturbate. Goddess bless it there are so many things that I want to do to you, my panties are soaking at the mere thought of it!

    Your posts get me so wet. I want you to fuck me so hard that my head bangs up against my headboard. I need to be choked while you thrust your cock inside my aching pussy, again, and again, and again. I’d go down on you so good after that baby, until you were shaking.

    Hey, I love your blog. I’ve been on it for an hour. I couldn’t help but push my fingers into my drenched pussy as I looke dat yoiur porn. You made me cum on my bed, and all over my fingers.

    looking at your blog I instantly get wet… I want to sit on your face while you tongue fuck my wet pussy. Then I want to slide it down your body and onto your huge hard cock & and I want to ride you hard, while you tease my nipples in your mouth. I want you to fill me with your cum, while I scream for more.

    baby im lying here right now so fucking wet for you I just want your huge hard cock in my dripping tight pussy, fuck me hard and deep, really fucking deep mmm, will you write me a hot paragraph of what you want to do to me right now baby? so fucking horny, finger fucking myself so hard for you auhhh im aching for you inside me!

    I want you to fuck my DD sized tits until you cum and then I want you to slip inside me and make me scream

    I want you to fuck my tight wet pussy until im screaming

    i want you to rub my clit as hard as you can. slap my pussy and finger me untill you get tired. make sure you lick up my cum.

    I would love to have you fuck me while I hold you close, my legs wrapped around you, your dick shoving into me. Your mouth on my nipples as I moan louder and louder.

    Baby come make me cum. My pussy is soaking wet, I’ll make you cum by rubbing your big hard dick between my big boobs baby.

    i want you to play with my pussy maybe even tease it a bit, then i wanna sit on you face and let you eat my soaking wet pussy till i cum then i wanna suck your hard cock till you bust all over me then i want you to fuck me hard and rough all night

    Me and my sister finger eachother looking at your blog ;) ur stories are so hot and they way you anserw the anons make me so horny :*

    damn ! your blog is the only blog on tumblr thats made me squirt just from rubbing my clit. i so badly want to be right beside you, climbing onto your lap and grinding on your growing cock. no panties on, feeling you harden against the feel of my wet pussy mmm i let out a moan as the tip hits my clit and makes me want you even more ! id wanna suck your cock so bad, i love sucking cock ! but id tease you and grind on you until you take control throw me on my back and fuck me till im screaming x

    My pussy is soaking wet, I’ll make you cum by rubbing your big hard dick between my big boobs baby

    Fuck me hard in every position lift me up and bounce me down your cock. I want you. I want all of you.

    I like to tease my pussy lightly with a finger to start, enough for a small moan, then I slowly go in further until I’m dripping, then I spread the wet around and flick that wet clit gently until I scream and drip on the floor. So hot for this blog.

    I’m currently looking through your blog reading through your sex stories. They make me so wet I can’t help but touch myself. I wish you were here to rub my clit then stick your full length into me as I started cumming id get ontop and ride you bouncing up and down as you grow even harder inside me as you watch my breasts bounce. I’d ride you until you filled me up with your warm cum. Oh god baby. I want you.

    I want to sit on your face and let you play with my pussy and clit while I suck on your dick and tease you. Then after a short while when you are begging for more I’m going to turn around, let you lie on top and let you pound my tight pussy until you moan and are about to cum, but right before you do I push you off me and let you choke me with your cock. Then we will go into our shower and have rough sex until we both cum, squirting our juices. Mhmm.

    You’re blog, God it makes me so wet. I just want your dick so deep inside my wet, tight pussy. You could pound me from behind so hard, pull my hair, suck and squeeze my titties. I want you to destroy my pussy and leave me begging for more. I could be your sex toy.. your ragdoll of sorts.

    My hand can’t stay out of my pants but it’s not the same as a hard cock. I’d tease the tip of your dick and play with your balls while making myself wet with my free hand. I’d suck your cock and balls while I made myself cum until it was dripping down my thighs

    my pussy is throbbing because of how turned on i am. your blog is literally so fucking sexy..i want to want you to sit down so i can bounce up and down on your big cock..i’ll be so wet and you’ll slide in and out so deep and then when you start to cum i’ll stir my hips into yours so you fill my pussy up as deep as you can with your warm cum

    I pretend that you are watching me, your hand full of your hot, hard, dick. You can see me, a little glassy eyed, lips parted, breathing shallow. One hand in my top, pinching and squeezing, the other in my pants, exploring, sliding, finding rhythm and heat. I pretend my fingers are your tongue, licking and sucking, I get so wet, and I ache so hard. Two hands now, one massaging my clit, the other, plundering my hole. Finger fucking myself, hard and hungry, waiting for permission to come…

    I’m not going to lie, the thought of fucking you and your sexy ass girlfriend makes me hot. I’ve always fantasized about a threesome, and your blog already makes me wet. I would get her permission then tie you up and blindfold her, pinning her to the bed and use my teeth to remove her clothing. Kissing down her body, I’d linger over the tight buds of her nipples and tease them, finding pleasure in the way she bites her lip. I want you to fuck her and then me and let me taste her on you. Please.

    I’m so fucking horny and wet I came so hard to your blog I screamed and finger fucked myself harder and faster. My vibrator made me shake and cum so fucking much. I want your hard cock in my little pussy so much my pussy is throbbing for you .

    im rubbing my pussy so hard im very wet and i never squirt before and i know if u were with me u wud make me squirt. make me squirt baby im horny as fuck!

    reading the post make me so wet and hot. i want your tongue on my pussy sucking till i cum all over u. then i want u push your big fat cock into my pussy fucking me till i scream. spit on my pussy while giving me doggy style squeeze and slap my ass make me moan baby. do whatever u please to me. make me suck ur hard cock till u cum in my mouth i wont make it waste baby. im so wet i wish u were here so i cum rub my tight little pussy all over u.

    I’d let you pull my hair spank my ass till it’s bright pink. I’d let you fuck me so hard I’m clutching onto the bed. I’d let you hold my throat and claw my back. I’d let you tie me up and fuck me harder. I’d let you slam me into a wall and fuck me from behind. And mainly I’d let you play with my clit and pull my hair while ramming me from behind.

    I want you to tease my pussy and rub my clit so hard I can barely take it and as I’m about to cum shove your hard ass cock into my vagina sending me into multiple orgasms and squirting all over the sheets. Then, I’ll suck your dick clean.

    You’re the kind if person I wanna have sex with. Your blog just gets me so horny I finger myself till there’s no tomorrow.

    I came three times today just going thru ur blog. And I’m still horny and my panties r soaked. it’s addictive. I’m reading ur masturbation for two post and I know that I’m going to come so hard for this. I fantasized about something like this but it ended up with you coming in my mouth. Fuck I can’t wait to come

    No other blog gets me wet like yours. My pussy is throbbing, I’m going to get my dildo and slide it deep inside me, imagining it’s you fucking me fast and hard.

    I’m so wet right now, I bet you could make me cum so hard it’d be unbelievable. God, I want you to finger me so bad right now, and I wanna watch your fingers slide in and out of my tight pussy. After that you’d tease my clit with your tongue till I’m on the brink of cumming. Then you’d slip your big hard cock in me and I’d ride you like there’s no stopping. Then you’d flip us over and pound into me as hard as you could, making me moan loud and unrestrained

    mmm wow fuck, I just found your blog and it made me soo fucking wet. I can feel my tight little pussy dripping.. I’ve only fucked girls but I crave cock sooo bad. I want to feel a big hard cock fill up inside me..fuck I want to be completely dominated and fucked really fast in my pussy then get fucked in the ass while fingering myself. And when he’s about to finish he can shoot his cum into my throat

    We’re half naked, I’ve started rubbing the front part of you jeans, teasing you until you can’t get enough and suddenly you got me really wet against the wall with my hands above my head.

    I want to rip your pants to the ground, and wrap my soft lips around your throbbing hard cock. I want to suck you so hard and fast until you are on the verge of cumming… Then I want to push you onto a bed and ride you like a bucking bull.. I’ll move my hips so fast and hard that your hands will dig into the bed, and your eyes roll back.. I want to fuck you senseless, and when we’re both close, I want you to fuck me from behind like we are animals…

    I love going through your site!! My tight little pussy is so wet and full of juice. I would love for you to lick me. I want to see my juice on your tongue. Then I want you to take me any way you want. I just want to see your big dick,slick,sliding in and out of me from base to tip. I need you to stretch my tiny pussy and make me shake and shudder repeatedly. I want to lick our juices off your cock while you have your hands tangled in my long blonde hair,staring into my green eyes.

    I can feel my pussy getting wet and my panties soaking. Just looking at your blog gets me horny. I am dripping wet right now and I want your mouth on my pussy. Oh God.

    My hot tight and wet virgin pussy is begging for you

    Your blog has me so fucking wet it’s kind of ridiculous, my pussy is literally throbbing I’m so horny!

    The more I look at your blog, the wetter I get.. I’m so horny right now that I am soaking through my brand new black lace panties.. I want someone to dominate me tonight, to make me his..

    I’m fingering my wet tight little pussy wishing it was your big cock pounding me & then cuming all over my hard little nipples

    I want you to fuck my wet tight pussy so hard right now

    I’m looking through your blog with my vibrator resting against my clit.. for now. I’m soaking wet from just from reading the things you would do to all these girls, and I want to know everything you would do to me.

    my pussy is so fucking wet from looking at your blog. i want you to slap and choke me like a filthly slut and then thrust your giant dick deep and hard inside me until i scream and beg for more

    I’m looking at your blog and rubbing my wet pussy and sliding my fingers in and out of it

    I was just scrolling through pics when i read that you wanted me to cum to your posts… I came sooo hard!!

    i can’t help but rub my clit after i watch your posts, imagining you ramming your big hard cock in me and fucking my tight wet pussy from behind, slapping my ass and calling me dirty slut, rubbing my clit until i can’t take it anymore and cum all over your cock and you fill your dirty slut with your cum. oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard.

    once again i’m soaked and touching myself all over to the thought of your big hard cock thrusting deep inside of me while i ride you so hard we’re both shaking then you flip me on my back and i wrap my legs around your neck as you continue to fuck me hard until i squirt so much the sheets are soaking.

    One time my best friend and I got really drunk (right after she turned 21) and we were super horny and just started laughing about haha what if we hooked up. Then she started rubbing my boobs and kissing my neck and pretty soon we were totally naked. I’d never been with a girl before, so I was completely mesmerized by how another girls pussy felt. I remember just fingering her over and over because I loved how it felt and how she smelled and tasted. Once I finally went down on her I was soaking

    I have a major cum fetish. Just watching it explode out of a cock is enough to get me off. I love the taste and the warmness of it. I love it when my boyfriend fills my throat up with it & lets me swallow

    I would get down on my knees and stroke your dick a few times to get you hard before slowly licking up the base of it and then swirling my tongue around the tip before wrapping my lips around the head. I would begin to suck on your hard dick slowly taking you as far into my throat as I could. I would run my hand down my neck to my breasts tugging on my nipples before creeping it down my stomach and finally reaching my pussy and fingering myself as I suck on your dick.

    I want to feel your throbbing cock hitting the back of my throat, fuck me. Please.

    i’m dripping and ready to touch myself until i squirt. and when my legs are shaking and i think i can’t handle anymore i’m going to think of you and keep going until i shake all over.

    The best thing about making myself come is that point where I’m orgasming so hard that I can barely carry on but the pleasure is too great to let myself stop.

    gosh while reading your posts my pussy got aaall wet and hot. I’m ure she’s waiting for you.. huum I wanted to lick your dick all over and make it all wet and hard, then I desire you to fuck me while I’m on my knees, pull my hair and talk dirty to me, slap my ass and make me your slut. keep fucking me hard and making me scream begging for more of your hard big thick cock inside of me, coming in and out in a delicious movement.

    you make me all wet with your dirty posts. If I lived near to you, I’d certainly let you fuck me SO HARD till I can’t stand no more, you got me sooo horny! Can’t stop thinking about your hard cock inside my tigh wet and hot pussy. someone is going to have some dirty dreams about you tonight, big boy ;)

    i showed my bf your blog yesterday and he got so turned on. while sucking my clit and with one hand rubbing one tit and the other pushing two fingers deep into me, i was moaning so loud and shaking unbelievably, i came many times and then he got up and shoved his cock deeeep into my tight little pussy, thrusting hard into me, getting faster and faster making me cum, as i screamed out for more, he started to cum, inside me and all over my pussy, he then ate me out again so i could cum some more

    I wish you were pounding me so hard right now

    God. Reading all those inboxes made me so wet, soaking through my sheets, throbbing with pleasure. I started to rub my clit gently but then very hard and fast, making myself cum multiple times. I want your tongue flicking across my clit and sucking it until I can’t take it anymore, then I want you to turn me over and fuck me from behind really hard, so hard that I cum all over your big cock. Then you cum inside me so I can finger myself with that and cum again while you get ready for more.

    This blog makes me finger myself so intense my tight little pussy starts to throb and I cum over and over again. I want your cock all the way in me, so deep, thrusting so hard i can’t even hold in my screams and moans. I want to suck your cock and swallow all the cum licking it off my body when you’re done.

    you make me so fucking wet. I wish you could fuck me. I want you to shove your dick in my soaking pussy while i stand up and put my hands on the wall. Make me your sex slave, be rough with me, and make me beg for more. After I want you to come inside me and on my pussy so I can finger myself with it like lube.

    Your blog made me so wet I fingered myself. I penetrated myself with two fingers while rubbing my clit with the other hand and I had one of the best orgasms thinking about your big, throbbing cock. If you were here I would let you watch and then ride your dick really slowly, teasing you and not letting you touch me to make me speed up. Then I would give you a blowjob, licking your tip and making out with it and sucking it like it was a lollipop. And the I would let you cum all over me.

    I want you to pin my hands above my head and kiss my neck, slowly moving down my (almost) naked body, while lightly touching my clit outside my panties. When your mouth reaches my naval, rip my panties off and kiss my clit slowly at first and then grabbing one tit roughly and sucking my clit while you slide two fingers deep into my pussy. Getting rougher and deeper. Making me cum over and over. I’ll massage your cock until youre hard enough to put it in my mouth. I’ll choke myself with your enormous cock and then you’ll slide it slowly deep into my tight soaked pussy, fucking me harder and harder until I can no longer feel my legs. Pull out and I’ll suck you off and make you cum all over my tits and mouth. Then lay with me until we can both catch our breath then we can get in the shower together.

    First I want you to lick my nipples. then lick hers. when were both dripping wet, i wanna exchange saliva with her while your huge cock is in between our lips. I wanna feel her tongue when i swirl my tongue around your head. Then I wanna make out with her pussy and flick my tongue around her throbbing clit while you lick mine. I want her to shove your face into my pussy while she rides my face. When you feel me orgasming I want you to start drilling your huge fucking cock inside me so hard.

    I’d slowly take your shirt off while kissing you down your chest, until I got to the buckle of your pants. I’d then take your pants off and massage you through your boxers until you can’t take the friction anymore. I’ll then peel off your boxers and put just the tip in my mouth, moaning and flicking my tongue against the tip. I’d then take that big dick down in my throat until I choke. And while I jack you off, I’ll pay special attention to your balls as I take them into my mouth, until you’re about to explode all over my face.

    Make me beg for that hard cock and that hot cum. My tight pussy is just waiting for you to make me your own.

    I finger fuck myself almost every night when I get off work to your blog. My favorite gifs are when girls are getting finger it gets me so fucking wet. I wish you could do that to me ;) I got a nice F rack and a big ass that loves to be slapped. I want you to fuck me so hard I’d scream your name! Btw I just came before writing this hehe

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    I was fucking like a whore today. He was so rough. He was pushing his dick in my mouth when I was giving a blowjob,then into my pussy when he was on top of me holding my hands above my head. Then he put me on top and turn me backwards. It was amazing

    Before bed I massage my pussy with panties on by putting a pillow in between my legs and grinding slowly. The friction of the cotton on my panties against the pillow makes me cum every fucking time.

    Ugh baby your blog makes my tight little pussy so fucking wet. I want your big throbbing cock to fill me up. I want you to make me cum by rubbing my clit. Then I once I cum I want to straddle you and bounce on your dick. And right before we both cum I want you to flip us over so you’re on top. I want you to pound into me so hard and fast. I want you to make me scream your name so loud and I want to cum so hard with you.

    My body is aching for your huge throbbing cock to fill every inch of my soaking wet pussy.

    You have no Idea how wet your blog makes me. My pussy is begging for it.

    I just discovered your blog, and I am in sensual heaven. The moment I scrolled through the first few posts, my tight little pussy became so wet, it soaked through my panties. I closed my eyes and let my hand drift down to slowly discover the warmth between my legs. My fingers played along my swollen clit, using my wetness as a lubricant. I teased myself gently, rubbing my slit softly and tenderly.

    I normally start by massaging my tits, then work one of my hands down my body. I tease and rub my pussy gently at first, until I start to get wet. Then I rub a little rougher and faster until I’m wet enough to put a finger or two inside me. By now I’m most likely moaning quietly, playing rougher with my tits, squeezing my hard nipples, my body squirming with pleasure. I take turns circling a finger around my clit and fingering myself with two fingers.

    I’m soaking wet! I want you so fucking bad.

    I’m so horny right now, my laptop is already dirty, my pussy is so wet

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