2. Anonymous said: Really need your opinion.. iv been dating this guy and everything is going really well but then I asked him his opinion about boobs and he said that more then C cup it's unnecessary and a bit too much and I literally got home and cried i am DD (im not plus size or something just got a big breasts) i really like this guy and lately I even found out that most guys prefer small boobs and its gets me really insecure about myself and them. Need an honest opinion and advice. What should i do?Thanks :)

    My ex had pretty huge breasts and yes, I prefer a bit smaller, and yes, sometimes I thought they were a bit too much. But then she lost a bit of weight and she had some hormonal issues or wahetver, well anyway they got smaller and I kinda missed the huge tits she used to have. So dont pay any attention to what men say because we really dont know what we actually want.

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  8. Anonymous said: just curious if guys actually prefer if its not hair down there or what

    I certainly do and I think most men do as well. I like completely shaved pussies or with just a small patch on top.


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