4. Anonymous asked: I have never been a fan of riding dick but now I really want to and leave a lasting impression on my boyfriend so he would keep wanting more, is there anything you could tell me or help me with?

    If you ride him fast and moan a lot, he’s bound to enjoy it. A good fuck like that is priceless.

    Or you could also go slow and sensual. Pin him down. Make eye contact. Watch him squirm with pleasure under you.


  5. Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a girl and my boyfriend is still a virgin but I am not. Are there any things I should be careful about or certain things I have to/shouldn't do?

    Don’t expect miracles from him on the first couple of times. Other than that I can’t think of any precautions. Just get him laid already :)


  6. Anonymous asked: What was it like for you when you had sex for the first time?

    Much less awkward and quick than I expected. But awkward and quick nonetheless.


  7. Anonymous asked: Do you have sex daily ?



  8. Anonymous asked: My boyfriend and I want to try new things in the bedroom, but I'm nervous. What if I'm not good at what I'm doing, do you have any advice and any idea on what I should try doing?

    I don’t know what you already did so I don’t know what would be new for you guys. But even if it doesn’t go as you have planned, that doesn’t mean you’re not good. In sex, as in everything in life, practice makes perfect. Get him hard and horny and experiment. Talk about what you would both want to do. And riding him reverse cowgirl while he slaps your ass is always fun. Just sayin.