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    We get naked and my gf stands behind me, biting my ear and caressing my body. She puts her hand on my dick and massages it until I become hard. She slowly strokes my dick and starts jerking me off, whispering into my ear how big and hard I am. I put my hand behind my back and reach for her pussy. I start rubbing her clit while she’s giving me an amazing handjob. I’m hard as a rock and she’s stroking the whole length of my shaft, moaning into my ear and shivering as I play with her wet pussy. 

    We move to the bed and she sits on the edge and I stand in front of her, my cock throbbing, my tip swollen, hard and purple. She starts sucking my cock and massaging my balls at the same time. She takes my whole cock in her mouth and with her free hand she starts rubbing her clit. She’s giving me perfect eye contact, looking into my eyes as her mouth slides along the shaft of my cock. She’s fingering herself rapidly, fucking her pussy with two fingers, going deep, moaning, all the while giving me amazing blowjob. Finally she slides her mouth slowly along my cock, taking all of it in and she stays like that, feeling me throb in her throat. Her eyes have this amazing look that’s part passion and part desperation, and finally she cums with my cock in her mouth and her fingers deep inside her dripping pussy. 

    She pulls it out, saliva hanging between her lips and my tip. She strokes it again for good measure and looking into my eyes, sighing heavily, she says “I want you to fuck me hard.” She turns around, her knees on the edge of the bed, propped up on her elbows, ass and pussy right there in front of me and her back amazingly arched. “Fuck me,” she says again. I don’t waste any time and slide my whole cock inside of her, making her moan loudly. I fuck her fast, thrusting my cock about halfway in and holding her ass firmly. Then I slow down and give her a couple of nice deep thrusts, going slowly all the way up to my balls, lingering and throbbing inside before I pull back. During this she starts rubbing her clit, but then I start going faster again and now I’m fucking her so hard she has to hold on to the bed sheets with both hands, she’s screaming and cumming, and my body is slapping against her ass as I fuck her hard. When I climax I thrust my cock as deep as possible, throbbing and cumming powerfully in her pussy. Then I pull out, still cumming, and spray her ass with semen. She turns around and sucks me off, giving me an exhausted and very satisfied look.

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